FlightAssistant is getting viral! (and a nice Material Design overhaul)

It has been a long time since the last release, but we have been busy here (check out the new exit screen of the application). A few user complained that defining plane performances was a bit tedious and that it would be good to be able to share plane definitions amongst pilots in a club […]

FlighAssistant Material Design


We love Europe!!!

With the release of FligntAssistant v1.1.0, we are happy to announce a significant improvement in the availability of airport charts and documents. This is mostly for European countries and pilots (this is a consequence of documents availability), but it shall be a great improvement for those users. They will be able to access the airports […]

We’ve listened to you!

We have just released a new FlightAssistant version to the Play store. It does not contain any major new features, but some usability improvement that were requested by users. Namely: Loads and fly time in weight and balance calculation are now saved as default for next calculation. Plane performances are now shown in the FMS […]

FA Vertical navigation featured


Loads of small improvements in 1.0.3

FlightAssistant version 1.0.3 has been published and though it is not as rich as v1.0.0 (but there can only be ONE 1.0.0, isn’t it?) it still boats a few interesting features. Namely: – Ability to lock the map after scrolling away from the plane position (auto-lock available). – Arrival briefing now available for ultralight airfields. […]